Writing and Translation Testimonial – H.K. (Graduate Student)

Jamie’s work is great and impressive. She always did her best from the first to the last to help me with writing and translation. She helped me with my portfolio, my thesis project, and other kinds of writing and even helped me to move forward with my studies and my writing skills in English. She also sometimes brainstormed writing ideas with me when I asked for her help. Her imagination and intelligence helped me find the right words in English for my project, while her fluent Korean also helped us to communicate in a more effective way when needed. I can’t thank her enough for her generosity and kindness.   

As a person, I have known Jamie for more than a year. We met in Ann Arbor. I like her as a person as well. She is one of the most wonderful and warm people I have ever met. She seems to find delight in life by working with and for people. Thanks a lot, Jamie!

– H.K. (Graduate Student )

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