Writing & Editing Testimonial – T.F. (Private Professional)

Jamie took the time to search the courses (numbers) and incorporate that into my statement! She went over every last detail of my resume with a fine-toothed comb to help paint a better picture of who I am and what I accomplished. Her ability to sit in my experiences and retell my story was amazing. She also made the end process easy by providing multiple formats for the final product. That made for an easy submission process for me.

– T.F. (Private Professional)

Writing and Translation Testimonial – H.K. (Graduate Student)

Jamie’s work is great and impressive. She always did her best from the first to the last to help me with writing and translation. She helped me with my portfolio, my thesis project, and other kinds of writing and even helped me to move forward with my studies and my writing skills in English. She also sometimes brainstormed writing ideas with me when I asked for her help. Her imagination and intelligence helped me find the right words in English for my project, while her fluent Korean also helped us to communicate in a more effective way when needed. I can’t thank her enough for her generosity and kindness.   

As a person, I have known Jamie for more than a year. We met in Ann Arbor. I like her as a person as well. She is one of the most wonderful and warm people I have ever met. She seems to find delight in life by working with and for people. Thanks a lot, Jamie!

– H.K. (Graduate Student )

Translation Testimonial – N.P. (Corporate Client)

Enjoyed working with Jamie. She was very thorough with this translation assignment and worked very hard to complete the given task. Also, she was really good with communicating with me. I would highly recommend her. She is absolutely an amazing human being. I am so grateful for her. Thank you Jamie for all your hard work and dedication.

– N.P. (Upwork Client)

College App Essays Testimonial – A.M. (High School Student)

“Jamie helped me to create several spectacular college essays! She provided me with the support and assistance that I needed to write an essay that captivates the audience. At the same time, she edited these essays with the idea in mind that they were MY essays, allowing me to have ultimate control over what they would look and sound like. She also taught me valuable writing skills by providing explanations alongside the edits. Her incredible work taught me skills I can use in the future and that will get me into the school of my dreams.”

– A.M. (High School Senior)

Writing & Translation Testimonials – M.C. (Entrepreneur)

“Wow Jamie!! I’m so impressed! Thank you for the best submissions for my project so far! I am so happy with your work and I hope you can take part in many more projects!!”

“Your work is amazing. Thank you for picking such an interesting topic to write about! I look forward to working together again!!”

– M.C. (Upwork client with multiple projects)

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